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The North American Andy Transplant Foundation
Golden Production Services Inc. specialty, corporate training, promotes long-term learning for professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder. This includes sales professionals, managers and top executives wishing to enhance their skill set, young executives with aspirations for advancement, people seeking international positions and men and women wishing to improve their personal and professional image. Recognizing the value of people to the overall organization, Golden Production Services delivers a customized, comprehensive image management coaching and training support system to meet your needs. Coaching and training can be delivered in small informal groups or in formal group training sessions. We offer ongoing training out of your environment on a cruise ship, at a resort and we can plan your whole event with our other offerings. Recognizing the missing links that are required to be successful, we bring in our speakers and trainers to customize your training event. Participants will learn new concepts to be more creative in their field, and to broaden their knowledge about globalization, intercultural management, and business principles. Meet celebrities, share their success stories and become inspired.

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Featuring High Impact Sessions led by Susan Thompson, President of Golden Productions, the company provides seminars tied in with hands on experience tours around the world. Susan is a well-respected Sales and Communication Powerhouse Consultant with a well rounded background working with many of America's best companies. Susan is the author of the book, A Mission From Up Above, and worked in the past 15 years as a professional model. She has appeared on Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, front cover of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s annual report, and was a finalist for the popular show now appearing, The Apprentice. She has worked with many clients on National TV Commercials, International Industrial Films, DVDs, Printwork, and other full service television productions. In addition, Susan has over 15 years of corporate experience working globally with software and hardware consultants. She gained the Walt Disney account from attending a trade show. She won an award for top salesperson in Canada with L’Oreal and received with her team a 13 million dollar international project award. She televised and spearheaded a major fundraiser that was 100% sponsored by the community and has had a successful company. Today, she continues to offer seminars, retreats and personal consultations for individuals and companies looking to enhance their client base and corporate culture and environment. Susan’s noteworthy client base keeps her in constant demand and she remains committed to speak on inspirational topics in memory of her brother, Andy. She established The North American Andy Transplant Foundation with The American Liver Foundation in 2004 to promote contributions towards transplants and to provide a greater understanding of our health system.

  • To learn new trends in business practices.
  • To exchange ideas and to share information among participants.
  • To build a network in your company that will translate the company vision into personal involvement and alignment for your employees.
  • To experience hands on training, which can be utilized within the dynamics of the company.
  • To generate motivation enthusiasm and commitment.
  • To sharply focus your efforts on what is most important to your future success.
  • To improve tomorrow's results through efficient and effective strategic management.

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